Xbrand 360° Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

360° Height Adjustable Laptop Stand with 2.0 Hub

Turning your notebook computer into a desktop replacement is commonplace these days.  Who wants a large noisy tower anyway, when they can have a smaller quiet machine that they can also take with them when they travel.  But once you start using a notebook as your main computer, you might start to notice little things that make you wish you had your desktop back.  Things like viewing angle, a full size keyboard, etc.  Of course you can prop the back of your notebook up on a thick phone book and hook up a separate keyboard to it, but who wants to risk damaging their brand new laptop?!

Enter the Xbrand 360° Height Adjustable Laptop Stand with integrated USB 2.0 hub.  This stand offers better ergonomic positioning of your laptop by promoting neutral postures to help reduce the head, neck, back, and wrist strain commonly associated with laptop computer use.  Its sleek and elegant footprint is the perfect compliment to an enjoyable and more effective workspace, and will also help to keep your laptop cool by promoting better airflow.
The Xbrand 360° Height Adjustable
Laptop Stand comes with a 4 port USB
2.0 hub.  It weighs in at 3.1 lbs,
comes with an AC Adapter and a USB
cable to connect from the stand to
a USB port on your laptop.
Here you see the stand in the lowest
setting.  You can also see the height
adjust bar along the front of the base.
And here it is in the highest elevated setting.
This stand does keep your notebook cool
by providing a curved out area that the
bottom of the computer does not touch.
This area allows air to flow freely
beneath it.
To keep the laptop from sliding off the
stand and into your lap or the floor, a
retainder bar is used.  Depending on the
design of your laptop, this bar may block
access to features on the front.  A slider
switch allows you to fold the retainer
down when access to the front of your
laptop is needed.
There is a reason why this stand is called
the 360.  There are 4 small rollers located
on the bottom of the base that allow you
to easily swivel the stand around to change
the viewing angle or to access the rear
The USB Hub gives you 4 USB 2.0 ports.
Two are located on the back of the stand.
There are additional USB ports located on
the left and right sides of the stand.  These
locations are convenient for connecting
keyboards, mice, or USB flash drives.